Adult Hockey

We offer 5 divisions of skill and each division has 4 teams. Non-Members are welcome to participate in our Adult Leagues for one Session. After playing in one session as a Non-Member you will need to become a Member of the IHWC in order to keep on playing in subsequent seasons.

D3 - This is our highest league with most of the players having played hockey in College, Juniors, or High School. Primary night of play is Thursdays.  

D3 Spring 2017 Adult Hockey Schedule

Upper D4 – This is a step below D3 and a mix of players who played at a high level just looking for a slightly slower pace. Those who may not have played at a high level but are athletic and have a good understanding of the game enjoy this level. Primary night of play is Mondays.

UD4 Spring 2017 Adult Hockey Schedule

Middle D4 – This is a division that did not play at a high level growing up but played hockey over the course of their childhood and/or college years. Primary night of play is Wednesdays.


Lower D4 – This is a division where players usually started skating and playing Hockey in their adult years and have 5+ years of playing experience. This division also consists of players who have been playing for longer than 5 years but looking for a slower pace. Primary night of play is Tuesdays.

LD4 Spring 2017 Adult Hockey Schedule

D5 – This league primarily consists of Adults both Men and Women who have recently learned how to skate and started playing hockey later in their adult years. Playing experience ranges from 1 to 5 years. Primary night of play is Sundays

For more information on our IHWC Adult Leagues please contact Kevin Lord

D5 spring 2017 Adult Hockey Schedule

  • Adult Hockey Mission



      The Indian Hill Winter Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for adults to play hockey in a safe and controlled environment. This is achieved through the enforcement of league rules and stressing the importance of good sportsmanship at all times toward their opponents and officials. IHWC will provide every player the avenue to learn, develop, and enjoy the sport of Ice Hockey.


  • Adult Hockey Registration
    • ​Adult Hockey REgistration will be available for FAll 2017/2018 session

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