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The Indian Hill Winter Club boasts extraordinary beauty and unique amenities.  Members enjoy recreational, social, and corporate events that are perfect for any sized group large or small. Choose the date(s) and our Event Manager will handle the details.

Corporate Events & Meetings:
Flexible event and meeting space
Audio-visual and internet connection capabilities
In-house catering
Team Building
Holiday Gatherings

Full facility rentals
Club room rental
Individual meeting space

Birthday Parties
IHWC is the perfect place to host your child’s birthday party.
Various Birthday Party Packages
Can accommodate small to large groups.
Ice and rooms are available Friday 7pm-10pm and Sunday 3pm-5pm.

  • Social Curling @ IH Winter Club
    • What is Curling?
      Curling is one of the oldest team sports, played on ice, similar to shuffleboard. The stones are standardized, composed of 42 lbs of granite with plastic handles bolted into the rocks. Curling gets its name from the spin placed on the stone once it is released. It has seen a rise in popularity since becoming a medal sport thanks to the Olympics.

      How do you play?
      A game is played between two 4-person teams, 8 per group. Each team has eight stones to push across the ice toward a circular target area, or house, the very center of which is called the button; the center of the button is the tee. Once a stone is released, two teammates use brooms to fervently sweep a path that will place their stone closest to the button. The object of the game is to position your stones closest to the button at each end, which is much like an inning in baseball, and is completed once all stones have been played. A game may have 6-8 ends. A point is scored for every stone nearer to the tee than any of the competitor stones. Plays may include finesse shots which glide perfectly to their marks (draws), knocking out oppositional stones currently in the house (take-outs), or deliberately placing stones in the path of a perfectly placed stone (guarding) to prevent a take-out of your own stone.
      Do I need to know how to skate to curl?
      Not at all! Curling is played with rubber-soled shoes. Flat shoes with decent tread are suitable for curling. Please bring a pair to change into.
      Can anyone curl?
      Yes. Although it is a sport, curling is a game of strategy. You need to be able to push a 42 lb. stone across the ice. Sweeping is probably the most strenuous, but if you are able to sweep your house, you’re good to go. Ages can vary from teens to seniors.
      How long are the games?
      The games are 2 hours long.

      What should I wear?
      The arena stays a cool 40°F. We recommend players:

      • Layer-up with moisture-wicking synthetic materials or wool

      • Cotton is not great for keeping people warm

      • Wool socks are best to keep your feet warm

      • Hats and gloves are nice to have with you

      Are food and beverage options available?
      IHWC has a no outside food and beverage policy. Food packages are listed on the front of this flyer. Special requests should be made 2 weeks prior to your session,. Food package orders should have final numbers the Tuesday prior to your curling session. Beer, wine, and soft drinks are available for purchase on the ice and prior for a happy hour.
      How do I pay?
      Social Curling is member sponsored. Curling, food and beverage options are either paid with a cash or credit card at the end of curling. Charges can only be placed on the member’s account if permission is granted.

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